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How to Recruit Jean Easily – Fire Emblem Engage

Join the bandwagon of the excitement in using the youngest playable character.




How to Recruit Jean Easily Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical role-playing game that features a protagonist that has no memories from the past. Despite having the main character of the game, there are also other characters that you should pay attention to.

This game allows you to choose any character and class to be able to outplay the opponent. One of the characters that you should check out is Jean.

She is the youngest playable character in the game. But Jean does not let her age hinder her experience and capabilities.

If you are interested in having Jean on your team, then you have landed on the perfect guide.

How to Recruit Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

How to Recruit Jean in Fire Emblem Engage
Source: The Game Looters

As you reach the game’s chapter 6, the Paralogue will eventually be unlocked. The Paralogue contains different villages where you can go and start battles.

In the context of getting Jean, you have to go to the Tea-Field Village.

The Tea-Filled Village

The Tea Filled Village
Source: The Game Looters

The best thing to do if you want to recruit Jean is to start the battle in the Tea-Filled ViIlage.

Once you are here, you can deploy the seven best characters in your party as there are 13 different enemies that you will encounter in this battle.

Tea Filled ViIlage
Source: The Game Looters

Once you are here, you will notice that there are two open houses. What you need to do is visit both houses and accept the drops that they will give you.

One of the houses will give you a Defense Tonic, and the other will give you an Energy Drop.

After collecting these from both houses, make sure that you have already cleared all the corrupted units around.

cut scene
Source: The Game Looters

Eventually, a cut-scene will start, showing a conversation with Jean as you try to recruit her on your team.

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