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How to Recruit Archy in Chained Echoes

Increase your Clan Members by recruiting Archy to your party.

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How to Recruit Archy in Chained Echoes 1

As you progress through the quest in Chained Echoes, you will have your own clan called the Crimson Wings. To lead your clan, you must expand it by recruiting new members, and having more of them has benefits.

There are four ranks for your base in Hermit Isle. The amount of clan members you have on the island increases its rank.

At level 1, you will have no buildings. Recruiting builders or construction workers can develop your base. The number of clan members you have can transform even the houses from wood to brick.

You can also obtain an ally once you rank up. An ally is different from a clan member. You can add an ally to your party, while a clan member can only be seen in Hermit Isle after you recruit them.

One of the clan members you can recruit is Archy, and we will show you how to do it.

Recruiting Archy

Recruiting Archy

Before recruiting Archy, you must reach clan rank 2 and act 3. You must also complete Storming Tormund. Archy is located in the Flying continent Shambala.

You can find him on a tiny island in the southwest. The only way to get to him is to destroy two of Shambala’s ether cannons.

As soon as you’ve finished with them, equip your Sky Armor and head to where Archy is.

Where to Find Archy

Where to Find Archy

After Archy has been recruited, he may be found outside the house to the east of the Fast Travel Crystal. As for the topic of conversation, expect him to discuss upgrading your buildings.

After fully upgrading all of the buildings in Hermit Isle, he will move to the diplomatic offices in the east.

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