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How to Play Zoroark in Pokemon Unite | Night Slash Guide

Pick this moveset to play Zoroark effectively

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How to Play Zoroark in Pokemon Unite Night Slash Guide

Halloween is being celebrated by Pokemon Unite with events and a brand-new playable Pokemon. Zoroark is the most recent pokemon in the game.

If you want to get it, do it immediately with Aeos money because it is currently available. Using Night Slash is the ideal strategy when playing Zoroark, and we’ll teach you how.

Pokemon Unite: How to Play Zoroark, Night Slash Guide

Pokemon Unite How to Play Zoroark Night Slash Guide
Credits: CrisHeroes

Zoroark costs 14,000 Aeos coins to buy. You begin as Zorua, and once you reach level five, you evolve into Zoroark. It has a passive ability called Illusion that allows it to assume the shape of any wild Pokemon or an opposing team member.

Zoroark will revert to its normal shape after taking damage, utilizing an attack or move, attempting to score, or recalling back to the base.

You can upgrade Slash to Shadow Claw or Cut when you reach level 7. When you reach level 5, you can upgrade Fury Swipes into Night Slash or Feint Attack. Nightfall Daze, its unite move, is unlocked at level 9.

Night Slash Build

Night Slash Build
Credits: CrisHeroes

Equip the Muscle Band, Razor Claw, and Float Stone if you want to use Zoroark. For the Battle item, select Full Heal. Select Night Slash and Shadow Claw as your move upgrades.

dash in any direction and deal damage
Credits: CrisHeroes

You can dash in any direction and deal damage which also enhances your auto-attack if you use Night Slash.

You will get a stack at the bottom of your health whenever you use this skill to damage an enemy.

stack is at its maximum Zoroark
Credits: CrisHeroes

If your stack is at its maximum, Zoroark will leap into the air and fall on the ground with a giant X mark. During this maneuver, Zoroark will be immune to damage. You must use Night Slash, dash in their direction, cause damage, and then auto-attack.

To get the maximum stacks, repeat this process three times. While Zoroark is in the Invincible condition, you can move about using Shadow Claw. You can also employ Shadow Claw and Night Slash to travel a great distance. To gain immunity to CC, do Full Heal before performing your combo.

Because Illusion has a limited period of invincibility, you can also utilize it to dodge opponents. In the jungle, Zoroark performs best.

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