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How to Play Skadi in T3 Arena | Best Team Comps and Maps

Become T3 Arena’s first Master Skadi using this Guide

Edmond Herrera



T3 Arena is composed of many fun characters to play. Each Hero has their own set of playstyle and skill levels. One of the heroes to try out if you’re confident in your aim is Skadi. Skadi is a strong damage dealer that excels in landing headshots.

This hero is for players that want the ego boost of landing difficult shots while dominating the server. This guide is going to teach you how to master Skadi in the T3 arena as well as the best team comp to play her with.

How to Play Skadi in T3 Arena

Skadi is a damage dealer that relies on her aim to provide value to her team. Her playstyle will heavily rely on landing shots on her Kraken Heavy Pistol.

Kraken Heavy Pistol

The Kraken Heavy Pistol has 7 shots before it reloads. It has a strong recoil after shooting so you can’t spam it and it only fires one at a time.

A good tip to land headshots is to practice good crosshair placement. Good crosshair placement is basically making sure your crosshair is at head level.

Since your crosshair is at head level, you only have to make minor adjustments to hit the head as opposed to if your crosshair was at chest level.

Image credits: Moreatomyc


Skadi’s ability is Dub-Stop. It emits a wave of sonic pulse that traps opponents while jumping back, creating distance and space for her.

This is a great skill to use when you’re being overwhelmed by enemies in close-range combat.

Ultimate Ability

Her ultimate ability is a rage to emit a sonic arc wave. It deals severe damage but has a long rewind time.

As such, it’s best to use this ultimate behind structure because it has the ability to go through walls and structures.

Image credits: Moreatomyc

Best Team Comp

To successfully bring out the best of what Skadi has to offer, team composition must be taken into account. There are two best team comps for Skadi, which are:

  • Tank – Healer- Skadi
  • Tank – SMG – Skadi
Image credits: Moreatomyc

The first composition gives you space and gives you heals. But the burden of dealing damage solely rests on you. The second composition is rather different. The SMG character will be the flanker of the team, leaving the tank and you to fend off the enemies while he makes a play.

Each team composition has its own pros and cons. But the bottom line is, if you keep practicing your shots as Skadi, you will be able to dominate games regardless of composition.

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