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How to Play Roy Jones Jr in Undisputed

Dominate the ring by making the most of this legendary champion’s strengths.




How to Play Roy Jones Jr in Undisputed

Roy Jones Jr joins the virtual boxing ring of Undisputed. A legend in real life, his videogame counterpart in Undisputed is just as legendary in the hands of a good player.

If you’re eager to step into the virtual ring as Roy Jones Jr, you’ll want to learn how to play to his strengths in Undisputed.

Read on and we’ll teach you how to make the most of this legendary fighter yourself.

How to Play Roy Jones Jr in Undisputed

How to Play Roy Jones Jr in Undisputed 1

Source: Undisputed Boxing Online

Roy Jones Jr is a very versatile fighter thanks to his fantastic evasion. He can weave in and out of range with relative ease due to his dodge and slip speed.

His evasion is further bolstered by his Untouchable trait which increases his dodge and slip speeds by 10%.

You’ll absolutely want to make the most out of this by staying on the move. After all, this is one of Roy Jones Jr’s biggest strengths. He also has an extremely strong straight punch.

His overhand straight right is his most effective punch, so you’ll want to use it whenever you get the chance. Don’t overuse it though as you’ll end up being predictable.

Another strong tool for Roy Jones Jr is his Switch Hitter trait which allows him to switch stance and stay at 100% proficiency. You can use this to throw off your opponent.

He also has the Loosey Goosey trait, a double-edged sword that makes Roy Jones Jr receive and deal 25% more damage when entering loose movement.

Extra Tips to Remember

Extra Tips to Remember

Source: SEGAJin

You’ll want to be careful during loose movement to avoid taking extra damage, but try to take advantage of the increased damage with your overhand straight rights.

The last tip we can give you is this: don’t overuse your hooks and uppercuts. Roy Jones Jr shines with his straight and jabs, so hooks and uppercuts are less effective and also require you to get in close.

Save the hooks and uppercuts for when your opponent is rocked. That’s when you want to close the gap and go full aggressive, peppering them with punches to bring on the pain and finish the match.

Roy Jones Jr is one of the strongest fighters in the game when used correctly, so practice what we’ve taught you and you’ll be winning matches in no time.

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