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How to Play Hercules

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How to Play Hercules

Divine Knockout features many Gods and deities from different mythologies, with Hercules coming from Roman/Greek mythology. Based on promotional material, Hercules appears to be the poster boy of Divine Knocked, the Ryu, if you will. Because of his prominence, he is also a very popular character.

The half-god, half-man, is an excellent character for beginners due to his overall strength and how easy he is to pick up. If you are new to this exciting 3D platform fighter and are looking to get started with Hercules, here are some great tips to get you started.

Learning Hercules’ Moveset

Learning Hercules Moveset

Source: Onestep

The most obvious place to start is to learn what Hercules can do. Like every other character in the game, Hercules has four moves: a special ability, a dodge, light attacks, and heavy attacks.

His standard three-hit combo takes 23% damage and has excellent reach. His heavy attack takes 19%, but if charged, it does 33% more damage, has better reach, and has more knockback, making it optimal when trying to knock out an opponent.

Special Ability

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His special ability allows him to ascend into the air and slam on enemies, which is excellent for getting the jump on opponents due to good recovery. His other special ability is throwing a rock that hits from a far distance, the perfect move for opponents in edge guard. His final standard special ability is a shoulder charge, which on its own does minor damage. However, you can cancel the charge and do a slam to close the gap between you and your opponent.

Hercules’ alternative special ability has him grow in size dramatically, allowing him to perform six attacks in succession, each causing significant knockback, all while being invulnerable

As you can see, Hercules’ varied moveset allows him to control space easily and overpower enemies. His shoulder charge and jump and slam move ensure your opponents can never relax. At the same time, his boulder and alternative special ability allow you to quickly get the knockout when the time is right.

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