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How to Play Gatlyn In T3 Arena

Try out the best heavy artillery character and dominate the battleground in T3 Arena.




Gatlyn Guide

Good news for mobile gamers! A new 3 versus 3 hero shooting game was released both on Android and iOS. This game is comprised of powerful characters with different unique abilities that require a specific game style.

As of now, T3 Arena has 23 playable heroes that you can choose from. Each character can offer you different attributes and skills that you have to master. But you can just also choose a character that you think is perfect for your play style.

For example, you are more into dealing with passive-aggressive movements and damages, while still being a good support for your teammates. If you are like this, then you might want to try Gatlyn.

To know more about Gatlyn, we made this guide for you to familiarize her skills and attributes. Who knows, maybe Gatlyn is meant to be your main.

Gatlyn Guide in T3 Arena

How to Play Gatlyn in T3 Arena
Source: T3 Arena

If you wish to use Gatlyn in T3 Arena, it is important to learn and familiarize yourself first with how this character works.

Gatlyn is a battle tinker who designed her own heavy-duty mecha weapon system to ace the battlegrounds. She has the XM2140 Rotary Gun as her main weapon or her basic attack. It is a type of Gatling gun that has a high ammo capacity and can rapid-fire enemies.

Surely with these features, opponents will be too scared to even charge toward you. However, these pieces of information are not enough for you to master how to use Gatlyn.

Familiarizing Gatlyn’s Skills

Familiarizing Gatlyns Skills
Source: T3 Arena

Starting off with her basic attack, her Gatling gun with a high fire rate can shoot enemies from both mid and long-range.

The nearer she is to her enemy, the higher the damage she inflicts. But this is not yet everything about her basic attack.

Passive Skill

Passive Skill Cripple Enemies
Source: T3 Arena

Upon unlocking Gatlyn’s passive, she can cripple enemies that receive her damage. Aside from the base damage, opponents will also receive a reduced movement speed. With this passive skill, enemies will just be like training dummies to Gatlyn.

Needless to say, even the flankers with the swiftest movement cannot escape Gatlyn’s passive.

Active Skill

Active Skill Uber Charge

For Gatlyn’s active skill, it is called Uber Charge.

If you think Gatlyn already has a very intimidating battle suit, you better think again. Uber Charge is called her final form.

Although this takes a little while for her to change into this form, this skill makes Gatlyn a good offense and at the same time, defense. Plus, the weapon stability is also granted once she used her active skill.

The only drawback of using Uber Charge is having a lower movement speed, firing speed, and ammo capacity.

This form can be used as long as wants until it is canceled. Meaning, Gatlyn can freely change from the basic form into this anytime as long as it is still available.

Ultimate Ability

Ultimate Ability Force Field Gatlyn

Gatlyn’s ultimate ability is the Force Field.

Upon launching the force field, enemies that are close to the range will be pushed back. Despite its ability to absorb incoming damage, there are some exceptions.

Judex’s ultimate is a bomb that can perfectly counter Gatlyn’s ult. So, if you are using Gatlyn and Judex is on the enemy team, you better watch out for using your ultimate skill.

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