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How to Play Fighter Class in Dark and Darker

Be the shield for your party

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How to Play Fighter Class in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker features six distinct classes, each of which performs a vital role. The Fighter Class is one example. Having a sturdy tank in your group is crucial, and this class is the one that becomes one.

Adding a tank to your team will make things easier for your damage dealers and healers. The damage dealers can solely focus on the enemies. While the support can strengthen or heal you and your allies with ease.

This guide will help you on your journey to play the Fighter Class properly.

Fighter Class

Fighter Class
Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

A Fighter is a melee combatant who uses a sword and shield. It’s an excellent option for new players who still need to settle on their main class because of its versatility.

The lack of spellcasting abilities is the only real drawback to this class. The best tanking perks and skills can be found in this class.

Perks & Skills

Perks Skills
Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

Once you reach level 20 in Dark and Darker, you can equip a maximum of four Perks. As a tank, you should equip the following perks.

  • Defense Expert – Increases the Armor Rating earned from equipment by 10%. This makes you even tankier especially when you have a good set of armor.
  • Barricade -Increase your defense by 5% while in a defensive stance. This makes you even tankier while raising your shield.
  • Shield Expert – While in a defensive stance, you gain 5% extra movement speed. This will allow you to easily move through battles while having your shield up.
  • Projectile Resistance – Having  extra defense against those pesky skeleton archers and enemy Rangers can help.
Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

Sprinting and Second Wind are the skills you must equip. Quickly moving around is crucial, making Sprint a great skill. You can run away, dodge monsters, pursue enemies, and many more thanks to this skill.

To keep up with your allies and keep them safe, it’s helpful if you can move more quickly as a tank.

Second Wind is the final skill you’ll need. For 12 seconds, you’ll receive a 50% HP restoration thanks to this skill. One of the most critical skills for a tank is the ability to heal.

There is a catch, though; you may only utilize this once every game. When facing a really challenging opponent, such as a boss or skilled player, this ability really shines.

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