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How to Play BLACKTAIL on a Low-End PC

Get the chance to play BLACKTAIL despite having a potato PC!




How to Play BLACKTAIL on a Low End PC

Blacktail is a newly released action-adventure game that we have been wanting to play for a long time! Some people on Steam have referred to it as a stunning or gorgeous experience, praising its blend of archery, mystery, and dark storytelling.

Unfortunately, it can be a demanding game to run on a low-end PC. However, in the spirit of sharing, we want to give you this guide. We’ll try to give you our best tips regarding how to run Blacktail on a low-end PC.

As you can guess, this will be involving a lot of settings manipulation so it would be best to get into the mindset that this may require a few minutes.

The main idea behind the article is to provide certain settings with may result in an improvement of the frames per second (FPS). We will provide images to serve as guides that you can look at in case you are lost in the folders.

Preparing the Setting

Preparing the Setting

Source: jevonrulez16

First, we need to follow a pair of simple steps:

Accessing the Editor

The first step towards improving your performance is to modify certain parameters in the WindowsNoEditor folder. To do this, we need to access the BLACKTAIL folder which will be on your local disk (unless you installed it somewhere else).  Once inside the BLACKTAIL folder, click saved, then config… And just like that, you’ll arrive at the folder you can see in the picture.

Modifying the Engine File:

Once inside the config folder, you will need to access the following link containing the setup: engine setup. All you need to do is simply open the engine file and copy the links setup inside of it. You will see an improvement in how your system runs the game.

Modifying the Engine File

Source: jevonrulez16

As you can see in this image, this is the configuration you will find in the link provided previously. All you need to do is highlight the text, copy it, and finally paste it within your setup.

You can also toy with the r.ScreenPercentage setting if you think your machine is capable of better performance, you can increase said value higher.

Modifying the Engine File 1

Source: jevonrulez16 As you can see in the image, with our settings we were able to achieve up to 45 FPS using this configuration. We hope it works for you too!

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