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How to Play Aleta in T3 Arena | Hero Guide

Get good at using Aleta in T3 Arena through this brief guide.




Heroes in T3 Arena sure have exceptional weapons with unique skills and abilities which make them stronger than one another. However, knowing these will not bring you to victory. Familiarization and understanding of the use of each skill will.

If you are a beginner and starting to think of a hero to use as a main, Aleta might not be a good option for you, but practice makes it better. Her incomparable movement speed and Dual Auto-Pistol as her basic skill will make it easy for you to ace the game.

To further help you learn how to play Aleta, we made this guide for you.

Hero Guide for Aleta in T3 Arena

Source: Ditto

Aleta is known to be one of the hardest heroes to use with five start difficulty level. But don’t lose heart if you ever think that you want to be good at using Aleta.

All you have to do is familiarize her kits and abilities, and make sure to practice using her in-game.

Basic Weapon

Source: Ditto

First, Aleta has Dual Auto-Pistols as her basic weapon. These are miniguns that have a rapid-fire rate but inaccurate shots. It also has a low base damage of 168 because of its inaccuracy. Because of this, her basic weapon is not that good for long-ranged duels.

However, these two pistols are lethal during close-contact duels. It also has low ammo capacity, but has a fast reload time.

Active Ability

Source: Ditto

Aleta’s active ability is called Holo Dash. Using this will trigger dashing toward the direction of her movement. You can use this for three consecutive times as it stacks up to three.

Ultimate Ability 1

Source: More Atomyc

On the other hand, Aleta’s ultimate ability is called Decoy-Bomb.

Using this will make her invisible and will heal her for a short duration of time. Aside from that, she will also deploy a decoy that explodes upon contact.

Ultimate Ability 2

Source: Ditto

Her second ultimate ability is called Holo-Burst. Closely related to her Holo-Dash, this skill gives Aleta a 50% movement speed boost and 20% HP regeneration.

However, using this will give Aleta decreased outgoing damage for a short period of time.

Passive Ability

Being a mobile hero, Aleta is also blessed of having Double-Jumper as her passive ability. Using jump two times allows her to double jump and easily reposition herself.

This passive is extremely helpful especially since she is best for close-ranged fights.

Tips for Using Aleta

Aleta is a hero who relies on her movements, hence her abilities are focused on mobility. However, it is important to remember not to overdo her movements. Otherwise, even you might get confused about what you are doing.

Plus, make sure to only use her abilities during fights, say, for example, dodging. If you are constantly dashing and jumping, you might also lose track of the enemy you are marking.

Another one, you should also consider playing with four fingers. Because of her hyper movements, using only two or three fingers will be hard enough for you.

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