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How to Pick Your Team in Blood Bowl 3

Which race should you choose to play as?




How to Pick Your Team in Blood Bowl 3

Blood Bowl 3 is the latest adaptation of Games Workshop’s board game developed by Cyanide and distributed by Nacon.

In the game, you can have many teams active simultaneously and utilize them in offline battles against AI opponents or online against other players.

This guide will discuss each race, what they do, and how to pick one in Blood Bowl 3.

How to Choose a Team in Blood Bowl 3

While forming a team, you must initially select from one of 12 Races including the Skaven, Orcs, Nurgle, Imperial Nobility, and more.

Each team has a difficulty rating out of five stars and a list of pros and cons that you may review before making your selection.

Let’s get started.

Imperial Nobility

Imperial Nobility
Source: Gaming Abroad

The Imperial Nobility is good at retaining the ball and interfering with the opposition’s movement.

They have unique starting skills, cheap Linemen with defensive abilities, and a lot of blocks and wrestles. Their only downside is they tend to focus more on defensive playstyles, and their team re-rolls are pretty expensive.

If you don’t like playing on defense, the Imperial Nobility might not be the race for you.


Orc 1
Source: Gaming Abroad

If you like to wreak havoc and cause destruction, the Orc will be your best choice.

Orcs excel at destruction and have very robust players that are hard to hurt. However, they are slow and can hardly pass the ball.

Black Orc

Black Orc
Source: Gaming Abroad

Like the normal Orcs, the Black Orc comprises powerful and robust players. They have an inexpensive Bruiser-style Lineman and can bribe the referee for a low price.

Black Orcs have the Throw Teammate option which is advantageous in specific scenarios. Unfortunately, they have poor passing game and limited hiring choices.

They have no true Ball Carrier except for the Goblin guy who can be thrown.


Human 1

Humans are average at everything. Despite that, they are very adaptable and have a variety of skills available at creation.

Since they’re technically a jack of all trades who don’t excel in anything, they can be challenging to master.

Chaos Renegades

Chaos Renegades

The Chaos Renegades are also adaptable and can contain up to three Big Guys who are beneficial to have on your team.

They also have easy access to mutation skills which are essential in customizing and developing your team.

However, they have a high cost of team re-rolls and limited striking power upon creation. They also have the Animosity skill in most positions which makes their passing game quite risky.


Skaven 1

The Skaven are extremely fast with reasonable hiring costs. They also have access to highly beneficial mutation skills.

But then again, their players are frail, and it can be challenging to maintain an experienced team when using this race.

Old World Alliance

Old World Alliance

The Old World Alliance is another adaptable race. They have specialized positions at a reasonable average cost, decent armor, and a large variety of players.

Despite that, most positions have the Loner skill which makes the team re-rolls risky. They also have a high team re-roll cost.

Dark Elf

Dark Elf 1

The Dark Elves are almost too good to be true with their Superior Elven Agility and devastating Key Positions.

Since they are expensive, you won’t have the team you want as your starting roster. You must win some games first until you can afford to hire and play with the roster you want.

Chaos Chosen

Chaos Chosen

When it comes to the Chaos Chosen, you will have many Big Guys to hire. They are very competitive at a high level and have easy access to mutation skills.

Chaos Chosen only has a few skills at creation and has high hiring costs. They also have an undeveloped passing game at the start. Just level them up, and you’re good.



Dwarves are suitable for those who don’t want their players injured or killed. The Block skill is widespread among players at creation and will keep them from being hurt.

This comes at a cost, however, as Dwarves are very slow and don’t have a true Ball Carrier.

Elven Union

Elven Union

Like all Elves in general, the Elven Union also has the Superior Elven Ability and is best at catching, dodging, and holding on to the ball.

Naturally, their hiring costs are also high, and they only have average robustness. It’s going to take you a while to be able to afford the team you want.



The Nurgle has the Plague Ridden skill which allows them to have a steady supply of new players. They can disrupt the opposing teams relying on agility and have easy access to mutation skills.

Nurgles also have the ability to regenerate and have a very foul, disturbing presence. That said, it has slow players, poor passing game with no true Ball Carrier, and high team re-roll cost.

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