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How to Open Grand Staircase 23/19 Puzzle Door – Hogwarts Legacy

Find your way through the door and solve its puzzle!




How to Open Grand Staircase 23 19 Puzzle Door Hogwarts Legacy

There are lots of puzzles you can find in Hogwarts Legacy. One of them is the animal door puzzle which involves animal icons and a bit of math.

There’s one you can find at the Grand Staircase with the numbers 23 and 19 on it. If you find it tricky to solve, this guide will help you out.

Grand Staircase 23/19 Puzzle Door Solution

Grand Staircase 23 19 Puzzle Door Solution

Source: WoW Quests

To start, fast-travel to the Grand Staircase Tower which is the purple arrow in the image shown above. As you move through the stairs, you will eventually see 3 indentations in the wall that can be rolled.

You will need to alter the animal displayed in the indentation to open the door and solve the puzzle.

You can see clues for solving the puzzle on the door that you are trying to open. Each animal shown in the indentations is a number, and the equation shown in the door’s clues holds the answer.

Grand Staircase 23 19 Puzzle Door Solution 1

Source: WoW Quests

The top indentation equation is solved like this:

15 + elephant (2) + lizard(6)

We know the elephant is the number 2, so the indentation located on the stairs is the lizard. As such, roll the indentation and then proceed to the other one.

In the second indentation right in front of the puzzle door, the equation reads like this:

Hydra (7), Killer Bacteria (9) + Cthulhu (7)

The answer to the final puzzle is Cthulhu. Roll the indentation and then proceed right through the puzzle door.

Once you’re done, you should then be able to solve the puzzle and go through the door where a chest is waiting for you inside.

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