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How to Mine Shards in Illuvium Overworld Fast

Shards are the key to getting Illuvials, making them incredibly crucial, so here are some tips to mining for some as quickly as possible.




How to Mine Shards in illuvium Overworld Fast

Illuvium Overworld is an exciting game infused with blockchain technology’s power. The game combines monster collecting and battling aspects similar to Pokémon and Shin Megami Tensei.

However, there is also a large overworld for players to explore, which is where these monsters, or Illuvials in this case, are found.

There are also third-person shooter elements for shooting and collecting resources in the overworld, the ability to combine Illuvials, and much more–so it is safe to call this project ambitious.

The central portion of the game has you exploring and collecting Illuvials, all done with shards, which can also be found in the overworld. These shards aren’t always the easiest to collect, so mining isn’t as simple as exploring a region until you get lucky.

If you want to complete your Illuvial-dex and ‘catch ’em all,’ here are some tips to quickly and easily mine shards in Illuvium Overworld.

Use Beacons

Illuvium Overworld
Source: Web3 Gaming Tv

When making your way across the expansive overworld, you will come across some very resource-heavy areas. It is crucial to mark these areas with one of the three beacons you are equipped with, so you can quickly fast travel there when needed.

Using beacons ensures you can make it to these areas quickly and efficiently, as you may not immediately need all the resources you find.

Being aware of where resources are ensures that you aren’t struggling when you need them most.

Find Mineral Heavy Areas

Find Mineral Heavy Areas
Source: Web3 Gaming Tv

When you are hunting for shards, it is best to know which areas are the most fruitful. The consensus seems to point towards Stage 2 as the most advantageous when mining for shards.

After making your way over to Stage 2, check the heat map. The heat map color coats each area, with resource heavy areas marked in red.

Use the aforementioned beacons to ensure you scour each part of the red areas to ensure you get the best return when looking for resources.

Scan Before Picking Up

Scan Before Picking Up
Source: Illuvium

Picking up items in the game, like most actions, will require you to spend some energy. While energy is given out during the beta, that won’t always be the case.

After the game is launched, energy will need to be found in the overworld or purchased from shops, so it is best to get in the habit of conserving this resource now.

With that in mind, you should always scan mineral before picking them up. In the early game, more often than not, there is a good chance that whatever you will be picking up will not be of use to you, so be sure to scan it.

By scanning minerals, you will be able to see what is within, this will ensure you do not waste energy and make sure whatever you will be picking up is worth it.

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