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How to Manage Stamina in Undisputed

Learn how to best manage your stamina and stay longer in the fight!




How to Manage Stamina in Undisputed

Just like real-life boxing, stamina management is one of the most important aspects of getting wins in Undisputed.

You need to take your time as you pick your shots, or else you’ll end up whiffing all punches and waste gas.

With fights being so long, you want to ensure you are prepared for the final rounds, and the best way to do that is to conserve your stamina. Let’s find out how.

Managing Your Stamina to Win More Games in Undisputed

You may think rushing in and throwing big punches is the best way to secure a win, but that tactic will quickly work against you.

Instead, here are some tips that can help secure you the win:

Do Not Whiff Power Shots

Do Not Whiff Power Shots
Source: Jay MMA

While it is ideal not to whiff any shots, you want to ensure you don’t whiff power shots.

Power shots cost the most stamina, so missing them will be a big waste of stamina. If you are going to throw out a power shot, make sure you are going to hit.

An excellent way to do this is to put your power shots at the end of a combo. Start by throwing a few jabs or hooks, and follow it with your power shot.

Also, avoid getting hit after whiffing as it will significantly reduce your stamina.

Pick Your Shots

Pick Your Shots
Source: Jay MMA

Every time you throw a punch, pick where you are going to hit, how many times you do it, and how long you’ll be inside.

By picking your shots, you will think more about your shots so you can make them more often.

Each time you make a shot, you recover stamina much quicker than when you whiff, so make sure you are confident in the shots you take.

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