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How to Make More Money in We Who Are About to Die

Make money and get rich as quickly as possible!

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How to Make More Money in We Who Are About to Die

We Who Are About to Die is a great gladiator-style fighting simulation game for players to try out.

Not only is the fighting physics realistic and detailed, but the game also has a customization and attribute system for players to tailor to their own playstyles.

One of the most important things to get in this game is money. And if you don’t know how to earn lots of money, this guide will help you out.

How to Make More Money

Making money in this game is a priority for most players. Here are a couple of tips that you can freely follow to get you more rewards from your fights:

Focus on Getting a Good Weapon and Shield

Focus on Getting a Good Weapon and Shield

Source: KonThe Gamer

Once you start the game, your money is quite low. A good weapon and shield should be your primary focus at this point.

You might be wondering why buying decent armor wasn’t mentioned. It’s because buying a decent shield will protect your armor.

Alternatively, you could also invest in two-handed weapons as the enemies in this stage have weak armor.

Prioritize the One vs Many Fights

Prioritize the One vs Many Fights 1 1

Source: KonThe Gamer

This will help you set your priorities for managing your finances.

This type of fight can give you the highest possible reward out of all the fights. Though it may be a bit risky, enemies in this type of fight generally have little to no gear.

This type of fight pushes you to improve your gameplay skills. It is recommended to juggle this mode between the spoils fight.

Prioritize Time Bets over Damage Bets

Prioritize Time Bets Over Damage Bets 1

Source: KonThe Gamer

Time bets are better than damage bets because they pose less risk. You can check your stats on how long your fights generally last, so you can choose which time bet to try.

Generally, one minute is plenty of time already.

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