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How to Make Money in Settlement Survival

Here are some top tips that can help you make more money in Settlement Survival.

Romeli Daclizon



City-building survival game called Settlement Survival. It just recently released the full version. To purchase and exchange products in the game, you will need money.

At first, getting money could be challenging, but it gets easier once you get to the point where you can trade. We’ll demonstrate to you how to get more money.

Making Money Guide in Settlement Survival

Credits: Doodle Bug

Settlement Survival uses silver coins as a medium of exchange. They are used while placing orders from the docks or purchasing from other factions. You can get them by mining silver and selling your items, respectively.

Before you may mine them, you must first unlock the silver technology. You must also activate the minting technology to smelt silver into silver coins.

Trading goods with other factions is another strategy. You can trade with them to earn more silver coins as well.

Obtaining More Money

Credits: Doodle Bug

Before trading with other factions, you must first construct a Small Trading Post in Settlement Survival. The game features 5 distinct factions.

Your reputation level will rise if you trade with them. Each faction has a different amount of Reputation.

Credits: Doodle Bug

Depending on your Reputation level, you can also unlock various goods. For instance, the Private School and Tofu are unlocked if your Reputation with the Miao faction reaches a certain level.

On Price, you may view the prices at which these factions buy or sell an item.

You’ll need a caravan if you want to trade with them. Don’t worry; once the small trading post is built, you’ll get a free caravan.

When you’re ready to trade, simply select the caravan option and the faction you want to sell your goods. To get the silver coins, you must wait till your caravan gets to that faction to obtain the silver coins.

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