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How to Levioso on the Training Dummy – Hogwarts Legacy

Master the classic levitation spell with this magical guide!




How to Levioso on the Training Dummy Hogwarts Legacy

As huge fans of the Harry Potter franchise, we were blown away by the number of different spells your character can cast in the game. 

One of Harry Potter’s most iconic enchantments is the “Levioso” conjuration which allows you to lift things using magic.

However, in order to master it, you’ll want to perform the Levioso spell first on the Training Dummy. Here’s how you can do it.

Attend the Dark Arts Class

Attend the Dark Arts Class

Source: FP Good Game

The first step towards performing Levioso on the dummy is to find the Dark Arts class located in the lower section of the Astronomy wing. You can easily find the location by using the Field Guide Map.

If you get lost at any point, you can use the Charmed Compass by pressing the Up button on your D-pad in the Field Guide menu.

A marker will appear displaying the distance between you and the location. All you need to do is follow the marker.

Cast Levioso on the Dummy

Cast Levioso on the Dummy

Source: FP Good Game

After a brief cutscene, you will be instructed to perform a Basic Cast on the training dummy (shown in the image above).

To perform the Basic Cast, simply press the R2 button. This attack will be repelled by the dummy’s shield.

Fortunately, Professor Hecat will provide you with the Levioso levitation spell. You can cast this spell to lift enemies and break their shields, allowing you to inflict heavy damage with basic casts.

Start a Duel with Sebastian

Start a Duel with Sebastian

Source: FP Good Game

However, the quest isn’t over yet. Professor Hecat firmly believes that practice is the best teacher, so you need to duel someone to truly learn something.

This time, you will be dueling a student named Sebastian.

To beat Sebastian, use a quick succession of Basic Casts along the Levioso spell to break his guard and stun him.

You will eventually knock him off the table and the duel will be over, permanently granting you the Levioso spell.

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