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How to Level Up Fast in MIR M | Leveling Guide

Defeat these mobs to level up as quickly as possible.

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How to Level Up Fast in MIR M Leveling Guide

Grinding levels in games can be quite time-consuming and challenging, especially if you are at a higher level. This is also true in MIR M.

If you are a free-to-play player, this will make it even harder. But don’t worry, as we will show you how to level up fast in the game.

MIR M Leveling Guide

MIR M Leveling Guide

Source: Orangee

Upon playing MIR M, you will receive the main story quest at the start. Continue doing it until you reach level 27.

Defeating many enemies allows you to reach a higher level to get enough power to do the next main story quest.

To reach level 30 from level 27, you can go to the Bicheon Field to find Stinging Spiders.

MIR M Leveling Guide 1

Source: Orangee

They are level 17, so they will be quick to defeat. It would be best to grind EXP from enemies that are easier to kill as trying to beat more challenging enemies will cost you HP and MP potions.

Ensure you turn off the auto-skill so you do not expend MP potions. These items are expensive, especially if you are trying to AFK grind.

Additionally, Copper, which is the currency used in buying potions, is scarce in the higher leveled areas. You can get a few from Stinging Spiders.

MIR M Leveling Guide 2

Source: Orangee

Once you reach level 30, click the Menu Icon, then select Adventure. Look for the Achievements tab to obtain a free blue Avatar and a blue Companion that will significantly strengthen your character.

This means you can now do the main story quest again.

MIR M Leveling Guide 3

If you don’t want to do it, you can go to Bicheon Hidden Valley 1F to get EXP and grind for better gear.

The item that you should look out for is the Platinum gear. It has a set effect that gives you a +10% Hunting EXP Boost and +10% Coin Gain Boost if you equip 4 pieces.

A complete set will make you gain more EXP and Copper, which will help you in the long run.

MIR M Leveling Guide 4

Additionally, use Vigor as much as possible to receive additional Hunt EXP depending on the charged hours.

You can recharge it by going offline, staying in a village, gathering, mining, fishing, or using Darksteel.

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