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How to Kill Ninjas in Wanted: Dead

Take down these agile enemies in the most efficient way possible.




How to Kill Ninjas in Wanted Dead

Ninjas are one of the many different enemy types you will encounter in Wanted: Dead. These enemies are very agile. and facing them in a katana duel can be pretty challenging.

If you’re having trouble dealing with the Ninjas, don’t worry. We got some tips for you.

How to Kill Ninjas Quickly

Ninjas can be extremely tough when faced head-on. Sometimes, we don’t even recommend dueling them directly, especially if you’re low on health.

Instead, the easiest method to take them out involves keeping your distance.

How to Kill Ninjas Quickly

Source: PrevailD

As soon as you spot a Ninja charging at you, throw an Incendiary Grenade at their feet. These grenades cover a wide area with fire, and any Ninjas caught within the fire will start burning.

Not only does the fire deal damage to them, but it also makes them stagger as they burn!

While the Ninja is on fire, pull out your guns and start blasting away at them. Shoot them as much as you can. Ideally, they will go down before the flames extinguish.

How to Kill Ninjas Quickly 1

Source: PrevailD

If the Ninja somehow still survives the fire and bullets, they should be extremely weakened. Walk back and keep blasting at them with your gun and you should finish them off before they reach you.

Some players might consider this method “cheesy” or “cheating”, but it undoubtedly works. Don’t refrain from using this method if the Ninjas pose too much of a threat to you.

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