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How to Install Mods in Hogwarts Legacy Guide

Customize your game by installing a variety of mods!




How to Install Mods in Hogwarts Legacy Guide

As with most other games on PC, Hogwarts Legacy is moddable with a variety of mods available.

These range from basic mods like that remove the cooldown of spells to more advanced ones that change the appearance of characters. Maybe one day, we can even enjoy total overhaul mods.

Regardless, if you want to mod the game, you need to learn how to install one. Here’s how!

How to Install Mods in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Install Mods in Hogwarts Legacy

Source: TroubleChute

To begin, let’s go over the easiest way to install mods on Hogwarts Legacy: Nexus Mods’ Vortex program.

For those unaware, Nexus Mods is possibly the largest overall mod distributor currently available. Their new Vortex program also supports a variety of games, including Hogwarts Legacy.

First, head over to this link:

Click “Download the latest version now”. You may need to make an account at Nexus Mods if you don’t have one yet.

How to Install Mods in Hogwarts Legacy 1

Source: TroubleChute

You might also be prompted to download .NET 6.0+. Click on the link provided by Nexus Mods and install .NET 6.0 if needed. After that, continue to download Vortex.

Once you’ve downloaded the Vortex Mod Manager, install it and launch it afterward. As you open Vortex, click on the person-shaped icon on the top right to sign in to your Nexus Mods account.

How to Install Mods in Hogwarts Legacy 2

Source: TroubleChute

After that, click on the green “Select a game to manage” button on the top left in Vortex. Search for “Hogwarts Legacy” and then click “Manage” on the game’s icon.

Vortex should now say that it requires an extension to manage the game’s mods. Just click “Download” on the bottom right button. Wait for it to download and Vortex will restart.

Now, Vortex might ask you to locate your Hogwarts Legacy’s game folder.

How to Install Mods in Hogwarts Legacy 3

If you own the game on Steam, this is usually found here:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy

Locate the game’s folder and click on “Select Folder” and you should be all set up. In the next section, we’ll tell you how to start installing mods.

Downloading and Installing Mods with Vortex

Downloading and Installing Mods with Vortex

With Vortex ready to go, all you have to do is to head to Nexus Mods’ Hogwarts Legacy page here:

Find the mods you wish to use and open their respective pages. Look for the Vortex download icon on the top right of the screen. Click on it and the mod will directly download via Vortex.

Wait for the downloads to finish and then open the “Mods” section within Vortex. You should see all your installed mods here.

Downloading and Installing Mods with Vortex 1

All that’s left is to open up the game and play with the new mods! To do so, press the play button on the top left of the Vortex window.

If you wish to delete any of the mods you downloaded, you can do so from the same “Mods” window. Just select “Remove” for any mods you don’t want anymore.

Downloading and Installing Mods with Vortex 2

However, note that some mods aren’t available to download directly from Vortex. In this case, you have to download them via Manual Download and drag the Zip files onto Vortex to import them.

There also some mods that might overwrite other mods, which requires you to use another program. We’ll go over this in the next section.

Hogwarts Legacy Mod Merger

Hogwarts Legacy Mod Merger

Some mods are incompatible together because they modify the same files. Thankfully, that’s where Hogwarts Mod Merger comes in! You can get it from here:

When you download two or more incompatible mods, extract them to any folder. Next, open Hogwarts Mod Merger and click on Add. Locate the files for your mods and add them.

Hogwarts Legacy Mod Merger 1

You can also change the order of the mods on left. Put the one you want more at the top, just in case other mods overwrite the same settings.

Next, click “Preview Merged Changes” and “Build Merged Mod”. When it’s done, a new folder will open with a file called “zMergedMods_P.pak”.

Hogwarts Legacy Mod Merger 2

If you’re using Vortex, you can now just drag and drop this new file onto Vortex. This should install the mod correctly. All that’s left is to play the game!

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