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How to Increase Power in Summoners War: Chronicles

Increase your power in 3 easy ways

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How to Increase Power in Summoners War Chronicles

Let’s be honest. In  Summoners War: Chronicles, primarily determines your strength, especially how you rank in the summoner PWR leaderboards.

The strongest summoners in the game can be found in the list, so if you think you’ve got what it takes then make sure your name takes a spit within the list.

If you aren’t in it, then how can players increase their power in Summoners War? Increasing your power in the game is simple. This guide will list ways to increase your summoner’s power. Let’s get to it.

3 Ways to Increase Power

Power determines how strong you are and how you rank within the PWR leaderboard. Summoners War is an RPG, therefore, the ways you can improve your stats mainly pertain to your equipment and skills.

This is true for most RPG games, so it’s applicable to this RPG title as well.

Improve Your Weapons

As a general rule of thumb, the more weapons you can collect the more power you have.

Once you’ve collected as much as you can, it’s recommended that you enchant your gear to at least +9. Enchanting your gear improves the weapon or armor states significantly.

Improve Your Weapons
Image source: Trollgaming

For your summoner, try to focus on defense statistics. This is because your summoner is best used as a tank while your monster can serve as your DPS since it can provide the greatest damage.

Upgrade Your Skills

Aside from upgrading your gear and weapons, upgrading your character skills is also imperative for increasing power.

Upgrade Your Skills
Image source: Trollgaming

There are multiple skill trees your monster and summoner can choose from.

However, if you want the best possible results out of your skills, it’s best to choose defensive skills for your summoner while getting the offensive skills for your monsters.

Upgrade Your Monster

Don’t get caught up in only upgrading your summoner. Upgrading your monster is also imperative to increasing your power.

Make sure to upgrade your monsters to your summoner’s level, and do it until you achieve 5 stars.

Upgrade Your Monster
Image source: Trollgaming

Players can use shards to level up but it’s not recommended. It’s better to use food mainly to level up because shards are best used for the hero.

For more detailed information on how to upgrade your monster, check out this article.

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