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How to Increase Population in Settlement Survival

Do this to get more people for your settlement

Romeli Daclizon



Your residents are the main focus of the survival city-builder Settlement Survival. Your settlement can grow and improve thanks to its residents.

They will require various things, including food, lodging, entertainment, and more. You can grow your population, and we will show you how.

Can you Increase the Population in Settlement Survival?

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The greater your population, the greater the number of workers you can employ. However, maintaining them will also require a significant amount of resources. For them to dwell in your community, you need to provide them with enough food, shelter, and other necessities.

You can see at the top of your screen if your citizens are happy and healthy. An emoticon and a heart icon are visible. This reflects the contentment and well-being of your populace. You should see an increase in your population if they both turn green.

Increasing the Population of your Settlement

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Your population can be increased using one of two methods. One of them is getting your residents’ Happiness and Health meters to be green. Your people will be able to have more children as a result of this. However, this is a slow approach since you have to wait for them to mature.

If you construct a church, theater, and stock beverages, candy, and senior foods, you can raise their level of happiness. Your health will improve if you have hospitals, herbs, soaps, and bathhouses. The second approach is to construct a Town Hall.

You will be able to receive immigrants thanks to the Town Hall. At one time, 11 immigrants may be accepted. But approving them increases the danger of contracting diseases. If you have medicine or herbs, you can treat these diseases.

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