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How to Increase FPS in Undisputed

Improve your game’s performance with these tips.




How to Increase FPS in Undisputed

The freshly released Undisputed is making waves as the only modern boxing game option, catering to fans of the genre.

However, the game is still in Early Access. Development on the game isn’t finished yet, so its optimization isn’t great. This makes the game’s performance less than desirable for some users.

If you’re one of the affected users, we have some tips to help you increase your FPS.

Tips to Increase FPS in Undisputed

Tips to Increase FPS in Undisputed

The first thing to try to increase FPS is to play with the settings.

In the Game tab of the settings, find the Crowd Density setting and set it to 0%. You won’t have spectator crowds watching the fights which will provide a performance boost.

Next, move to the Video tab. Under Graphic Settings, set everything to low or very low except for texture resolution. Set texture resolution to Medium or High.

You can also lower the display resolution and change the display mode to either Fullscreen or Windowed Borderless.

If the framerate feels choppy, you can set V-Sync to on and change the Game Framerate Limit setting to either 60 or 30.

You’ll have to feel for yourself which of these settings feels smoother or more consistent.

Use Third Party Tools

Use Third Party Tools

Use Bitsum’s Process Lasso to increase the game’s CPU priority.

While the game is open, start Process Lasso and locate the “undisputed.exe” process. Right click on it to make a menu appear, then click on CPU Priority, Always, and set it to High.

Make sure it matches the settings on the picture above.

You can also set it to Real-time (Highest) but it’s generally not recommended. Do it only as a last resort.

What to do if Nothing Else Works

If none of these settings work, your options are pretty limited.

You could wait for optimization patches to be released by the devs. The game is in Early Access, so it’s likely very unoptimized and doesn’t perform as well as it should. This might change with time as the game’s development progresses.

You could also just refund the game on Steam, as long as you’re within the 2-hour playtime refund window. Even if you aren’t, you can still get in touch with support and tell them that the game just doesn’t perform well enough for you.

Lastly, upgrade your PC. This of course is beyond the scope of this article and also fairly expensive, so we recommend waiting for optimization patches first if this is the only game that gives you performance issues.

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