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How to Improve Your Putting Skills in PGA Tour 2K23

Become a well-rounded golfer by mastering your putt game

Argie Maputi



How to Improve Your Putting Skills in PGA Tour 2K23

Putting is one of the trickiest mechanics to master when playing PGA Tour 2k23. But every golfer aspirant needs to improve their putt game if they want to become a well-rounded golfer.

This guide will provide you with the best tips to improve your putt game in PGA Tour 2k23. Hopefully, by the end of this guide, you’ll be able to transform your putt game to new heights.

How to Improve Putting Skills

Putting is usually done when you get the ball to the green. Putting in the thick grass is very difficult and is not recommended as it will heavily affect your putt.

Becoming a better putter requires you to take into account the information provided to you by the game such as angles and distance.

How to Improve Putting Skills
Image credits: Gamerability

If you look closely, you can see a bunch of numbers in the illustration above. Each number represents the distance from your character.

  • The number on the upper right represents your green speed. This is a term commonly used in the competitive scene
  • The number below the flag is the distance from you toward the hole.
  • The number on top of the screen represents the speed
  • The white grids scattered on the ground represent the angles – in this case, its all flat ground

Use this information to accurately set your distance for a perfect putt in the hole.

perfect putt in the hole
Image credits: Gamerability

Once you’ve set the distance, put in the right amount of power. Make sure to match the tiny little white line below to match the appropriate amount of power.

If you have a slow reaction time, you can aim to hit the line before you visually see it to match the tempo. The same goes for vice versa.

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