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How to Improve Your PUBG Gaming Skills

Annihilate your enemies in PUBG with the power of knowledge!




How to Improve Your PUBG Gaming Skills 1

Regarded by many as the father of the battle royale genre, PUBG has been brought to life as it hit its peak player count in 2022. It sits currently as one of the most popular Steam games and there seems to be nothing to indicate its popularity will die soon.

We have crafted this guide to help both new and old players get ahead of the competition by learning useful skills.

Mastering the Landing

Mastering the Landing

We think it’s appropriate starting from the absolute beginning. This is the first decision the player must face when playing the game. As such, we recommend thinking about your strategy before landing.

Am I keen on fighting early? Or perhaps should I go for better loot and then ambush enemy players?

These are the sorts of questions you should ask yourself better making it to the ground. From a strategic point of view, try to get into areas that you’re familiar with so you can set up easy ambushes.

Learn to Master Terrain Advantage

Learn to Master Terrain Advantage


You will not always have the advantage of having a building or a wall to cover from the enemy. If you practice your movement and your positioning, you will quickly find that terrain can be just as useful as a wall to hide from enemies. 

However, the terrain isn’t useful only for defensive actions. You can use it to disorient your enemies and reposition yourself.

With enough practice, you can use hills to distract your opponents and then flank them, giving you a surprise element that will be devastating for your opponents.

Playing at the Edge of the Circle

Playing at the Edge of the Circle

There are a lot of strategies you can follow once you get into the late-game stages of the fight. One of the said strategies is to keep within the circled area’s edge.

This way of playing ensures your back is covered since everything outside the circle will be eventually dead.

It is also a good way to pick enemies who are fleeing the area and gain a few easy kills. Keep in mind that this is not a failproof strategy and that you might be ambushed from behind if you’re not careful enough.

Door Opening and Enemy Tracking

Door Opening and Enemy Tracking

Most of your deaths in PUGB or any other battle royale won’t be always fair. It’s the nature of the game. However, this doesn’t mean you can avoid certain dangerous situations, like opening doors.

Before you open a door, you can place yourself slightly to the right or the left to avoid enemy fire.

You can use this strategy to bait your opponent into thinking you’re entering the door while you reposition yourself. Remember that you can use your compass to track enemy movement, so be mindful of this while planning your next move.

Make Smart Use of Vehicles

Make Smart Use of Vehicles

The last tip in this guide has everything to do with the smart use of vehicles. While it may be tempting to roam around the map inside a car or a jeep, you must remember that these vehicles are noisy and will alert nearby enemies of your presence, which is why discretion is strongly advised.

Even so, you can use vehicles smartly to employ the “play around the edge” strategy, as they can help you traverse the map easily and set up ambushes by dropping behind enemy lines.

With enough practice, you will become a master fighter in PUGB in no time!

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