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How to Improve Your Bunker Shots in PGA Tour 2K23

Bunker Shots are one of the hardest shots to make both in real life and in the game.




There is only one way to improve Bunker Shots or any shot in PGA Tour 2K23. And that’s through practice.

There are a number of ways for you to practice in the game. You could enter events and earn points and cash by competing in events, playing with friends, and a practice option for you to fine-tune your driving, putting, and chip-in shots.

In this guide, we will be showing you the best way to fine-tune your Bunker Shots and that’s through the Training Practice in PGA Tour 2k23.

Guide on How to Improve Bunker Shots in PGA Tour 2K23

Bunker Shots are shots done when your ball falls on a sand Bunker in the course. In a match, this is one of the worst places to land due to the sand which makes aiming and lining your shots very challenging.

Practicing shots while in the Bunker will help a lot for you to understand how to make your shots and what type of shots is most effective.

Where to Practice Your Shots

Selecting casual training from the main menu will take you to the driving range. From here, press starts to bring up the menu again and go to the practice tab.

From here, you will have to select the chipping practice and this is where you will be practising your Bunker Shots.

Move Your Ball to the Sand Bunker

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Press the B Button to move your ball around the course. Set your ball inside the sand Bunker and press the B button again to set it down.

Line Up Your Shot

To practice your shots more efficiently, you will have to rely on your live range to check and see what type of shot works best for you.

The live range is located in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Choosing Your Shot Type

Image source: Gamer Ability

There are two types of shots that you can do in the Bunker.

There are the splash shots and the chip shots. In real life, golfers go for the splash, but here in the game, many opt for chip shots because they come out as easier to pull off and read.

Shot Shaping

One feature that many players overlook is shot shaping. It’s a feature where you target which part of the ball you hit that could create different shot types depending on where you position your shot shaping.

This is where you can do your topspin to let your ball roll a bit further, backspin where you can control your momentum, curve shots, and many others.

It’s recommended to practice shot shaping since this is a useful feature not only on Bunker Shots.

Practice Your Swing

Image source: Gamer Ability

The next thing that you should practice is your swing. Many players turn the power meter off and rely on visuals to time a perfect swing. It’s usually by looking at the wrists or the arc of the club as you wind up.

Timing your swing at a perfect angle is pretty tricky in the Bunker so make sure to practice your swing to get the perfect balance and power.

Practice your shots

Image source: Gamer Ability

Once you’ve got all these checked, you can now practice your shots. Try different shot types or angles to get the feel of how the ball moves when shooting from the Bunker.

You can create different scenarios by dropping the ball in different areas of the Bunker while studying how each shot affects the angle and elevation of your target.

Keep practicing and you will eventually get to be comfortable making shots from the Bunker and even create some great plays while hitting from the sand.

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