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How to Improve Your Aim in T3 Arena

Elevate your duel win percentage with these tips




T3 Arena is quickly becoming the top competitive hero shooter in mobile. The game has a variety of different heroes battling in a fun deadly 3v3 formula. Players are looking for chances to improve as fast as possible to become the best in the servers.

This guide gives players 5 essential tips to greatly improve their skills in T3 Arena. Let’s dive in

5 Important Tips to Improve Aim

1. Crosshair Placement

Practicing proper crosshair placement is crucial. New players often aim their crosshairs at the ground when moving. This is a big mistake.

Make sure to align your crosshair at head level to minimize the effort your hand moves to aim, compared to when your crosshair is not on head level. If you have consistent crosshair placement, you will definitely see a difference in the number of duels you win in the game.

Image credits: Moreatomyc

2. Efficiently round corners

Don’t go around corners as you do in real life. A better method is to align your crosshair towards the enemy so that when you go around the corner you’re already ready to fight.

Image credits: Moreatomyc

3. Determine your best Sensitivity

Sensitivity determines how comfortable you are with how you aim. Make sure to test your sensitivity comfort at the practice range.

The best sensitivity should be the one you are most comfortable with. A fast sensitivity is good for dealing with enemies in close range while a slower one can help you aim at long range. Most players should try to find the middle ground for these both for the sweet spot.

4. Start off Slow

Image credits: Moreatomyc

Most players try to aim and move too fast before they even build the proper aiming foundations. New players should strive to start off slow to build proper aiming mechanics.

Try to stand still while aiming sometimes to get a proper feel of the sensitivity.

5. Practice profer strafing

Image credits: Moreatomyc

Moving while aiming is tricky. Moving makes it harder for the enemy to shoot you but a the same time it makes it difficult for you to aim.

Practice your strafing and jumping while aiming in the training grounds so that when you hop on the game you’ve already got the procedure down.

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