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How to Hide Head Gear in Wild Hearts

Become a strong hunter without sacrificing your aesthetics.




How to Hide Head Gear in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is an Omega Force action RPG in which players hunt huge monsters in the gorgeous environment of medieval Japan.

As you progress through the game, you will gain armor and weapons, affecting your character’s stats.

While a specific armor can strengthen your character, it is not usually up to your aesthetic standards.

Numerous action adventure games have included a feature allowing players to hide certain armor pieces or transform the material into another armor component.

Similarly, Wild Hearts allows players to conceal Head Gear while preserving any favorable attributes the headgear may have.

This guide will teach you how to hide your Head Gear in Wild Hearts.

Hide Head Gear

Hide Head Gear
Display Head Gear

Source: No-Nonsense Guides

To hide your headgear, head to your campsite and use the Forge to change your equipment.

Similarly, you can hit “Start” to access the game’s pause screen. Go to the equipment menu and hover on your equipped helmet.

A little prompt with the text “Display Head Gear” will show in the bottom left corner; simply hit the relevant button to enable the option.

Once you disable the look of headgear, the character model will change to depict the character without the helmet.

Remember that the helmet will still display as an active item in the menu.

While the helmet is not visible when Head Gear is turned off, you will still benefit from the stat bonuses of the headpiece.

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