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How to Give Gifts in Fire Emblem Engage

Wanna treat your friends? Here is how to give gifts in Fire Emblem Engage!




How to Give Gifts in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, you must recruit characters to build a large army. However, it is also important that you maintain a good relationship with these characters to ensure they perform well on the battlefield.

One such way to do so is by giving them a gift. Gifts can have three responses: positive, good, and bad depending on your gift.

If you want to learn how to give gifts to your party members so you can build a capable army, this quick guide is for you.

Giving Gifts

Giving Gifts

Source: Gamers Heroes

To give gifts, you simply go up to one of your party members in the hub and give them a gift. You can find a guide online telling you which character enjoy which gifts so you can get the most out of your kind acts.

Giving Gifts 1

However, if you want to purchase gifts, you have to wait until you reach chapter 12. Once you have reached that point, a flea market will open up in the hub.

You can purchase gifts from here and give them to your party.

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