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How to Get Your Insured Weapon Back in DMZ

Secure your favorite armory to ensure your spot in victory.




How to Get Your Insured Weapon Back in DMZ

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has added a lot of new features to the DMZ mode in order to level up your gaming experience and improve the quality of life of the game. As you play in the DMZ mode, you will have to look for loot and important items in order to complete the objectives and missions.

One of the newly added features in the game is the insured slot for your chosen weapons. This slot allows you to carry and save a weapon if ever you fail to extract with it equipped.

In this guide, we will tell you how an insured slot works and how to get your insured weapon in DMZ.

Getting Your Insured Weapon in DMZ

Getting Your Insured Weapon in DMZ

The new insured slot in DMZ allows you to not lose a weapon equipped on this slot when you have unsuccessfully done a mission in this game mode. However, even if you are able to save this weapon, you will be penalized for not extracting it from the match.

When this happens, your insured weapon slot will be unavailable for two hours. If you only have one insured slot and you are penalized, then it will be a real shame.

Of course, we don’t want that to happen, both getting penalized and waiting for a couple of hours. But that cannot be stopped from happening so we are here to help you with that.

unavailable for two
Source: Fili Zi

Two hours is, sure, a long duration. In order to reduce its cooldown, you have to do is to extract cash and valuables.

Plus, you have to do one hundred spawns in the game with literally no weapon equipped. But if you have a Contraband stash with you, then do equip one for yourself.

extract cash and valuables
Source: Fili Zi

Now, even if you are not going to equip any weapons, you should still carry some tactical, lethal, and battle rage. You will find this extremely helpful, especially in killing AI. With that, you can get their weapons after they are down.

battle rage
Source: Fili Zi

Once you spawn, you have to go to Sawah Village which can be located at the bottom left part of the map. The reason why you have to go there is that you have to arrive at this marked building.

to Sawah Village
Source: Fili Zi

When you arrive at this hotel, you have to go to the top floor but not the rooftop floor. There, you will see two locked doors. You get access inside these, go upstairs using the stair beside the elevator.

rooms beside
Source: Fili Zi

On the rooftop, you will see four skylights or holes where you can jump your way inside. The rooms that you have to infiltrate are the two rooms beside the billboard sign. One from the left and one from the right.

Inside these rooms, you will find a great sum of money and good-quality loot. You will also eventually be able to leave the room by interacting with the lock from the inside.

expensive weapons

When you are done scavenging all the money and expensive weapons that you can find, go to this buy station and sell all the expensive weapons you have. Doing this will clear up space from your backpack, as well as save an additional amount of money.

The reason why you have to save a lot of money is that the more money you have and the more loot you exfil with, the more cooldown reduction is granted.

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