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How to Get Weapon Skins Fast in Generation Zero

Hunt these enemies in order to obtain weapon skins fast

Romeli Daclizon



Generation Zero is an action-adventure survival FPS. It takes place in an open world in 1980s Sweden. You’ll use guerilla warfare to fight off the invading robots.

To combat stronger robot kinds, you can play alone or with others. We’ll teach you how to quickly acquire the skins for the weapons you can use in the game.

Obtaining Weapon Skins in Generation Zero

Credits: Tenebris Infinite

The Dark Skies update for Generation Zero was just released. The Motorbikes Pack DLC is a new paid DLC that is also available. There is a new flying enemy with weapons in this update. The Tuned Moped is a brand-new mode of transportation.

One of the four limited vanity sets—Nightmare, Slasher, Vampire, and Arctic—can be acquired during a Halloween event.

Additionally, they added fresh weapon skins that may be acquired by eliminating Rivals.

How to Get Weapon Skins Fast

Credits: Tenebris Infinite

In Generation Zero, a named enemy is known as a Rival. They can drop schematics or experimental drops and are tougher than the usual enemy.

Rivals now have a chance of dropping a Weapon Skin thanks to the recent update. The likelihood of acquiring these drops increases with a Rival’s level.

Credits: Tenebris Infinite

Because they have a larger possibility of releasing a Weapon skin, Apocalypse Tanks and Apocalypse Harvesters are the Rivals to target. You will find farming Rivals to be simpler if you have the Alpine Unrest DLC.

Himfjall Island only has Apocalypse class machines, and the DLC is required to access it.

Not to worry; if you head to the marshlands on the mainland, you can still find Apocalypse class machines. If you ever have the opportunity to purchase game DLC, pick up Alpine Unrest.

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