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How to Get VIP Keycard (Location) – Sons of the Forest

Get the Maintenance Keycard first to gain access to the VIP keycard.

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How to Get VIP Keycard Location Sons of the Forest

In The Forest, you must obtain a keycard to finish the game. However, in Sons of the Forest, you will have three keycards to obtain, and getting one is required to access the next area.

In addition, the places these keycards can unlock have tons of loot for you to grab.

One of them is the VIP Keycard, and we’ll show you where it is located in this guide.

Getting the VIP Keycard

Getting the VIP Keycard
Source: ZaFrostPet

You can obtain the VIP Keycard by finding a green pulse on your phone. The green pulse will lead you northwest of the map; head there to find a cave.

Getting the VIP Keycard 1
Source: ZaFrostPet

You are in the right cave if you see two golf carts outside it. Go inside the cave, then move forward until you find a hatch leading you to a room further below.

Getting the VIP Keycard 2
Source: ZaFrostPet

On the right of the room is a locked door, which is why you will need the Maintenance Keycard to unlock it. After opening the door, pass through a set of rooms filled with plants.

After entering a dark corridor, take a left turn, then go downstairs into the flooded area.

Getting the VIP Keycard 3

Keep swimming in the flooded area until you find another dark corridor. Up ahead is a flight of stairs leading to a door. Instead of going up the stairs, go inside the room to the left. This will contain the VIP Keycard.

Getting the VIP Keycard 4

Inside the room, you will find the VIP Keycard on the desk, along with a couple of Keyboards, Monitors, a Mouse, and empty cup noodles.

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