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How to Get the Varia Suit in Metroid Prime Remastered

Get the ability to withstand the heat with this suit!




How to Get the Varia Suit in Metroid Prime Remastered

The Varia Suit is one of the most iconic suits of armor Samus has worn, and you can actually get this suit fairly early in the game.

The Varia Suit is used to withstand the extreme heat of certain areas in the game. Additionally, it also makes you take less damage from enemy attacks.

If you want to get your hands on the iconic Varia Suit, this guide will help you out!

How to Get the Varia Suit

How to Get the Varia Suit

Source: Skryux

The Varia Suit can be obtained in the Sunchamber of the Chozo Ruins. It should be the next upgrade you seek after the Morph Ball Bomb.

To get the Varia Suit, enter the Sunchamber where you’ll be introduced to a boss named Flaahgra.

Flaahgra is a gigantic plant lifeform that requires constant sunlight to live. Notice that there are 4 circular panels reflecting sunlight toward it.

Shooting Flaahgra directly won’t deal permanent damage, but it can stun it.

How to Get the Varia Suit 1

Source: Skryux

Instead of fighting Flaahgra head-on, you need to deal with the panels that reflect the sunlight. Position yourself behind each panel and shoot the red light.

At the same time, dodge Flaahgra’s attacks while you do so.

When there are no panels active, Flaahgra will be knocked down. A small tunnel will also open leading to the core of the boss.

Switch to your Morph Ball form and roll into the tunnel. Drop a bomb when you’re in the small chamber below the boss.

You’re not done yet, however, as Flaahgra stands back up and two of the panels activate again.

Repeat the process by knocking out the two panels. You might want to shoot Flaahgra to stun it as it will reactivate panels if you take too long.

When Flaahgra goes down once again, quickly enter the Morph Ball tunnel and use your Morph Ball Bomb on the boss a second time.

But that’s still not enough! Flaahgra will get back up and 3 panels will activate.

Finishing Up Flaahgra

Finishing up Flaahgra

Source: Skryux

The process is relatively the same as before. However, make sure the last panel you deactivate is close to the Morph Ball tunnel so you can head into it as soon as Flaahgra is knocked down.

Once again, use your Morph Ball Bomb in the tunnel when Flaahgra is down.

Flaahgra is extremely stubborn, though. It will get back up for the fourth and final round of the fight. This time, all 4 panels will be active at once.

The fourth round is not much different from the previous ones, however. As with the third round, all you need to do is to make sure to leave the panel closest to the tunnel for last.

Finishing up Flaahgra 1

Source: Skryux

When Flaahgra gets knocked down once again, enter the Morph Ball tunnel and plant the last Morph Ball Bomb.

This will finish the boss and a cutscene will point you toward the area exit where an upgrade can be seen floating in mid-air.

Head there and touch the upgrade icon which looks like the Metroid logo. When you do so, a cutscene will trigger and you will then acquire the Varia Suit!

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