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How to Get the Revolver (Location) in Sons of the Forest

Grab the powerful Revolver with the help of this guide.




How to Get the Revolver Location in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest has a lot of weapons you can find, with the Revolver being one of them.

The Revolver uses 9mm ammo like the Pistol but deals more damage. This makes it a potential replacement for your Pistol. That said, the Revolver takes more effort to get than the Pistol.

In this guide, we’ll show you where exactly to find it.

How and Where to Get the Revolver

How and Where to Get the Revolver
Source: Its Shatter

To find the Revolver, you will first need to get the Shovel. This is because you will need to dig to reach it.

Once you’ve acquired the Shovel, head toward the Golf Course digging site. This can be found in the location shown on the GPS in the image below.

How and Where to Get the Revolver 1
Source: Its Shatter

This location should also show as a green “Point of Interest” marker on your GPS.

When you reach the Golf Course digging site, you will see some dirt with two golf carts to the sides. Approach the dirt and use your shovel to reveal the entrance to the Maintenance C bunker.

Open the hatch and go down the hole into the Maintenance C bunker.

How and Where to Get the Revolver 2
Source: Its Shatter

As soon as you enter the bunker, go down the hallway and enter the first room to your right. The Revolver will be on the ground, next to the body of a dead maintenance worker.

All you have to do now is approach the Revolver and grab it by pressing the E key. You can then equip it if you want.

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