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How to Get the Rarest Harry Potter Wand in Hogwarts Legacy | Wizarding World Answers

Get your hands on Harry Potter’s wand in Hogwarts Legacy!




How to Get the Rarest Harry Potter Wand in Hogwarts Legacy Wizarding World Answers

Hogwarts Legacy lets you get a slew of different wands for your character. Each wand has a distinct look, allowing you to have some additional customization for your character.

If you want to get a different wand, all you have to do is head over to the Wizarding World site. From there, you can complete a quiz to determine which wand you have in the game.

If you answer correctly, you could end up with Harry Potter’s wand.

Let’s show you how!

How to Get Harry Potter’s Wand

How to Get Harry Potters Wand

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If you want to get Harry Potter’s in Hogwarts Legacy, you must go to the Wizarding World website and finish the wand quiz.

You can then import the wand into Hogwarts Legacy by linking it to your WB Games account.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Harry Potter Fan Club account on the Wizarding World website
  • Head over to your profile
  • Click on the Wand section
  • Click on the Find Your Wand button to start the quiz
  • Start answering the quiz
How to Get Harry Potters Wand 1

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The correct answers needed to get Harry Potter’s Wand in the exact order are as follows:

  • Answer: Short
  • Answer: Green
  • Answer: An odd number
  • Answer: Resilience
  • Answer: Ahead towards the forest
  • Answer: Small spaces
  • Answer: Golden key

These answers will guarantee that you can get Harry Potter’s Wand.

After getting his wand, you have to link your WB Games account, which you can do on the Legacy Connect page.

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