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How to Get Sun Sap (Location) in Slime Rancher 2

This new resource is needed for a special Vacpack upgrade.

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How to Get Sun Sap Location in Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher 2 recently added a new biome called the Powderfall Bluffs which is home to the prehistoric Saber Slimes.

It also features new resources like the Perfect Snowflakes and Sun Sap which can be used for research upgrades at the Fabricator inside the lab.

For this guide, we’ll be talking about how you can get a Sun Sap.

How to Obtain a Sun Sap

How to Obtain a Sun Sap

Source: Trophy Tom

To obtain a Sun Sap, you must first unlock the Powderfall Bluffs biome by finding a teleport pad in Ember Valley.

If you’ve already done this, travel to the Powderfall Bluffs and go to the area indicated in the image.

The Sun Sap can be found sticking to a crimson-colored tree. However, it is an extremely rare resource, so you might have difficulty finding one.

If you haven’t found one in the area, you can leave the world or die and come back to the area until you find one.

How to Obtain a Sun Sap 1

Source: Trophy Tom

As the name suggests, you can only obtain it during the day. Once you have a Sun Sap, you can then use it to research the Golden Sureshot upgrade and the Tank Booster IV.

The Golden Sureshot triples the number of gold plorts a Gold Slime can drop. So if you want more of this valuable plort, you must get this upgrade. However, you might have to return to Powderfalls Bluff a few more times to get all the upgrades.

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