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How to Get Silver in Settlement Survival

Obtain Silver to make Silver Coins

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How to Get Silver in Settlement Survival

Full access to the survival city-builder game Settlement Survival has become available. You will guide your people as they look for a new abode.

Create a settlement, cultivate crops, hunt animals, gather resources, establish trade routes, and do many other things as you expand and improve your settlement.

A silver coin is one of the game’s currencies, and you require Silver to create it.

Settlement Survival: How to Get Silver

Settlement Survival How to Get Silver
Credits: Doodle Bug

You’ll need to acquire resources to run your settlement in Settlement Survival. Among other things, you can gather food, wood, and stone.

These materials are necessary for numerous things, including building construction and citizen survival. For instance, a house or a bridge can be constructed out of stone or wood.

Silver is one of the materials you can get. You must possess a mine to obtain it.

Obtaining Silver

Obtaining Silver Settlement Survival
Credits: Doodle Bug

In Settlement Survival, you need the Mining technology to unlock the mines. You’ll be able to create a mine pit as a result. The Exploration Technology I, which enables you to create a senior mine, must then be acquired.

Iron ore, coal, and Silver can all be produced by senior mines. To create Silver, you must, however, unlock another technology.

Once you have the necessary technologies, you can purchase the Silver technology to enable the production of Silver by your mines.

You can acquire Minting Technology if you want to produce silver coins. With the help of this technology, you can gain access to the Mint and smelt Silver to produce silver coins.

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