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How to Get Shadow Armor in Terraria

Become more powerful mid-game by getting the Shadow Armor in Terraria.




How to Get Shadow Armor in Terraria

Unlike other games, Terraria has a large number of boss fights that are designed to be difficult and act as barriers to different levels.

The primary objective for players is to strengthen their character and enable them to go to higher levels so that they can use more powerful equipment and weapons and explore more challenging environments.

One of the valuable armor you can get is the Shadow Armor.

If you’re new to the game and you need to get stronger, you have this guide to help you out. This guide will teach you what creature to defeat in order to get the Shadow Armor.

Shadow Armor Overview

Shadow Armor Overview

The Shadow Helmet, the Shadow Scalemail, and the Shadow Greaves make up the Shadow Armor set. The whole set has the same 19-defense rating as the crimson version of the same type of armor.

Putting on all three items at once increases your movement speed and acceleration speed by 15% and your critical strike chance by 5% (for a total of 15%).

When fully equipped, the player casts a shadow behind them while moving and releases shadow particles. Purple flames will also be emitted from the Rocket Boots.

Crafting Shadow Armor

Crafting Shadow Armor

To get the Shadow Armor, you need to craft it. The whole set can be crafted with the following:

  • 45 Shadow Scales
  • 60 Demonite Bars (180 Demonite Ore)

Defeating the Eater of Worlds twice will yield enough materials for a complete set to be made. Parts of the Shadow armor set are fully compatible with those of the Ancient Shadow armor set, granting the same 15% increased movement speed set bonus.

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