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How to Get Seeds in Settlement Survival

Obtain seeds to grow different crops

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How to Get Seeds in Settlement Survival

A simulation game for developing a survival city is called Settlement Survival. You will create your own community here and care for your people by giving them food, shelter, security, and many other. You could even increase its size by including people from other cities.

One of the structures in the game that produces food is a farm, and planting crops requires seeds. We’ll demonstrate to you how to get seeds.

Settlement Survival: How to Get Seeds

Settlement Survival How to Get Seeds
Credits: Doodle Bug

To expand your town in Settlement Survival, you will require resources. Food is one of the resources you need.

You can construct a field, a hunter’s hut, or a gatherer’s hut at the beginning of the game to gather food. To give you food, a Hunter’s Hut will hunt down animals. Additionally, you may be permitted to have pasture animals there.

By cultivating crops, the field will offer food. To produce crops, you need seeds. Wild vegetables, agave, and herbs will be collected by The Gatherer’s Hut. The Gatherer’s Hut is one way to get access to seeds.

Obtaining Seeds in Settlement Survival

Obtaining Seeds in Settlement Survival
Credits: Doodle Bug

In Settlement Survival, seeds can be obtained in three different ways. It’s being acquired by one of them at random at the Gatherer’s Hut. If you have a Gatherer’s Hut, they might occasionally locate random seeds for you to plant in the fields.

The alternative approaches include ordering them from a dock or buying them from merchant ships. It is not recommended to do this if you do not have enough silver coins because they could cost a significant amount.

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