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How to Get Secret Authentic Historian Robe – Hogwarts Legacy

Who said you couldn’t be stylish as a wizard?




How to Get Secret Authentic Historian Robe Hogwarts Legacy

While numerous cosmetics are available for your character to wear in Hogwarts Legacy, a few are hidden and can only be gained through side tasks.

The Secret Authentic Historian Robe is one of the game’s hidden cosmetics, and obtaining it is part of an intriguing quest that will need some investigative work.

Nonetheless, considering the robe’s magnificent and gorgeous design, it is worth the effort to unlock. So if you want to obtain this robe, this guide will help you out.

Here’s how:

Talk to Arthur Plumley

Talk to Arthur Plumley

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To get the Secret Authentic Historian Robe in Hogwarts Legacy, you must first find a treasure map from an NPC named Arthur Plumley.

Check your Owl Post to see Professor Fig’s message, “Come and see me. I discovered something in the locket we found at Gringotts.

Once you see that message, fast-travel to the Charms Classroom in the Astronomy Wing.

Arthur Plumley can be found on the left as you descend the stairs. If you don’t come by noon, he won’t be there. He will request that you look at a map when you speak with him.

As one would expect from a treasure map, the map does not directly tell you where to find the treasure. Instead, you will be offered clues in the form of photographs.

According to the treasure map, you’ll need to visit three different landmarks which are as follows:

Rhinoceros Skeleton

Rhinoceros Skeleton

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Drop down three floors from the Charms Classroom then take the stairs down to the main hall. Here, you’ll find the Rhinoceros Skeleton which is the first landmark seen on the map.



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From there, return to the stairs area and proceed to the Courtyard door outside. The second landmark will be the Fountain.



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Proceed to the door near the Fountain located close to a huge tree. When inside the building, go up one level until you reach the final landmark which is a Painting.

Finally, cast the Accio spell on the Painting to reveal a secret passage leading to the chest. Open the chest to receive the Secret Authentic Historian robe.

After you’ve obtained your robe, remember to return to Arthur to complete the side quest and get 180 XP.

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