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How to Get Negative Defense in Rogue Genesia

One achievement in Rogue: Genesia requires you to have -20 Defense.




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Rogue: Genesia is a rogue-lite deck-building game where you make your way through waves of enemies while gradually increasing your strength and attack style.

Just like other games, there are unlockable achievements you can choose to complete in Rogue: Genesia. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to unlock the “To hell with armor, nothing beats the flesh” achievement.

Rogue Genesia: How to Get Negative Defense

Rogue Genesia How to Get Negative Defense

Rogue: Genesia is not just about fighting enemies and unlocking new weapons; achievements also exist in this game.

If you’re a competitive gamer who likes to unlock all achievements in the game, it can be challenging to do so when some of them seem impossible to achieve, no matter what you do.

One specific achievement in the game requires you to get a whopping -20 defense. Now, we don’t know how you’ll survive the game with a negative defense, but if you’re only doing it for achievement, you have this guide to help you out.

Getting Negative Defense

Getting Negative Defense

To unlock the “To hell with armor, nothing beats the flesh!” achievement in Rogue: Genesia, get rid of the 2 defenses you get from the soul shop and grab Clumsy.

Now that you’re already at a defense disadvantage of -2, grabbing the Lunatic ascended card will reduce that further to -20, and you’ll unlock the achievement.

Unfortunately, you’ll be needing a lot of luck and patience to get the latter. Keep playing and doing runs until you get lucky enough to grab one.

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