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How to Get Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts

Did you know you can get flowers from Lizards?




How to Get Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts

While the term Lizard Bloom may seem odd to hear, it is a good indicator of where this item can be found.

Lizard Blooms are crafting materials that create equipment such as the Fresh Fern Body Armor.

These may be discovered at the game’s starting region, albeit finding them is more complicated than picking them up from the ground.

If you’re looking for the Lizard Bloom material in Wild Hearts, keep reading the guide below to find out.

Lizard Bloom

Lizard Bloom
Source: No-Nonsense Guides

The Lizard bloom is a versatile resource that may be dropped by various species and found in different situations.

This substance is utilized for more than simply forging weapons and armor; it is frequently required to fulfill bounty missions and side quests.

As the name says, Lizard Bloom can be obtained from the lizard Kemono that frequently wanders in each setting. Thus, this substance can be located in numerous places.

Lizard Bloom Location

Lizard Bloom Location
Source: No-Nonsense Guides

If you’re looking for Lizard Bloom, you’re in luck! This resource is relatively easy to collect, especially compared to other materials in the game.

To obtain Lizard Bloom, you must pet the Springwatch Monitor and Nightshade Monitor. You do not need to kill them to get this resource.

These lizards may be found in Natsukodashi Isle and Akikura Canyon, the latter being one of the more dangerous areas to explore.

If you are bloodthirsty and want to exact your vengeance on the Kemono of Azuma, you can fight them to gain access to more Lizard Bloom than petting.

In either case, you’ll be able to find Lizard Bloom and return to your camp happy with your search. Just be aware of the Nightshade Monitor, who are more aggressive and may attack you. Good luck!

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