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How to Get Legendary Gear for Free (Merlin’s Cloak and More) – Hogwarts Legacy

Claim these free exclusive items while they’re available!




How to Get Legendary Gear for Free Merlins Cloak and More Hogwarts Legacy

As part of the Hogwarts Legacy launch promotion, WB Games are partnering with Twitch to provide free exclusive gear to players via Twitch Drops.

This is a limited-time promotion, so you’ll want to claim these rewards as fast as you can!

Let’s not waste any time. Let’s go over what rewards are available and how to get them.

How to Get Legendary Gear for Free in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get Legendary Gear for Free in Hogwarts Legacy

As mentioned in the introduction, these exclusive rewards are part of the Twitch Drops program.

To be eligible for these rewards, you’ll need to connect your Twitch and WB Games accounts. This can be done on the game’s official page:

Follow the instructions on the page to link your accounts together.

If you don’t have either Twitch or WB Games accounts, the page will also take you through the process of creating these accounts.

Once your accounts are connected, simply watch Twitch streams of Hogwarts Legacy with drops enabled. Some rewards might require you to watch specific streams, however.

Now, let’s go over the details of these rewards and how to get them.

Merlin’s Cloak

Merlins Cloak

Source: Hogwarts Legacy Official Twitter

First, the most exclusive of these rewards is the legendary Merlin’s Cloak. This cloak is only available by watching at least 20 minutes of an Avalanche Software Twitch Stream.

Avalanche Software has special launch Twitch streams planned for February 7 at 8:00 AM PT and February 10 at 8:00 AM PT.

You can follow Avalanche Software’s Twitch channel over at:

Make sure to turn on your notifications so you don’t miss the streams! This is the only known method of obtaining the Merlin’s Cloak exclusive item.

Other Rewards

Other Rewards

Besides Merlin’s Cloak, there will also be other cosmetic rewards given away as Twitch Drops which are available from February 7th to February 24th.

Different rewards are unlocked based on the total amount of time you’ve watched eligible Hogwarts Legacy streams. The available rewards are the following:

  • Dragon-Eyed Spectacles: 30 minutes total
  • Urchin Hat: 60 minutes total
  • Carmine Lightning Scarf: 120 minutes total
  • Lilac Ensemble: 150 minutes total

The timeframe for obtaining these rewards is much more generous, but the actual requirements are also more generous.

To get these rewards, you only need to tune in to any streamer on Twitch that is playing Hogwarts Legacy and has Twitch Drops enabled. You don’t need to watch any specific stream.

You can track your progress and unlocks within your Twitch Inventory which you can check at:

Do note that you will need to claim your rewards both on Twitch and on the Hogwarts Legacy Twitch Drops page.

Claiming Rewards In-Game

To claim the rewards in-game, you need to progress the story until you get access to the Gear screen. This happens as part of the introduction sequence.

At this point, you should be asked about logging into your WB Games account. Login to the account you used to claim the rewards and they will appear in your inventory in the game.

You can also check the status of your account by opening the Settings menu and selecting WB Games Account from the User Interface Options tab.

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