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How to Get Gravity Suit (Location) – Metroid Prime Remastered

Obtain the Gravity Suit to upgrade your armor and open more areas to explore.




How to Get Gravity Suit Location Metroid Prime Remastered

The Gravity Suit is a mandatory upgrade for Samus’ armor. With this upgrade, Samus’ armor will be able to negate any extreme gravitational changes.

For example, you’ll be able to move through water unhindered.

In order to get this suit, you need to head over to a specific location. Let’s find out where.

How to Get the Gravity Suit

How to Get the Gravity Suit

Source: Skryux

The Gravity Suit can be obtained from the Gravity Chamber in Phendrana Drifts, past the Lake Tunnel.

The Gravity Chamber is almost completely flooded, so you’ll be underwater most of the time you’re in it. This can make movement, visibility, and combat pretty annoying.

When you enter the room, you’ll be attacked by some tentacles called Aqua Reapers. Combat is suboptimal currently, so you might want to consider avoiding them as much as possible.

How to Get the Gravity Suit 1

Source: Skryux

Head to the ledges on the far side of the chamber. You might notice some frozen fish to your left when jumping to the ledges.

Keep moving forward after jumping onto the ledge. You should come out in another room with more Aqua Reapers.

The Gravity Suit is past those Aqua Reapers, near a stone pillar.

How to Get the Gravity Suit 2

Source: Skryux

You can easily spot the Gravity Suit by using your Thermal Vision. You’ll find it flying in mid-air as the classic S-shaped Metroid logo.

It’s recommended to avoid the reapers and make your way to the upgrade as fast as you can.

As soon as you touch the upgrade icon, a short cutscene will play. With the Gravity Suit acquired, you should now have much less trouble wading through the water you’re currently in.

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