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How to Get Front Toward Enemy Trophy in Dead Space Remake

Go to the Shooting Gallery to get the Front Toward Enemy trophy.

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How to Get Front Toward Enemy Trophy in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake is similar to the original game where you can unlock trophies or achievements by completing specific tasks.

One of the trophies you can obtain is the “Front Toward Enemy” trophy, and we will show you how to get it.

Front Toward Enemy Trophy Guide

Front Toward Enemy Trophy Guide

Source: PowerPyx

The trophy Front Toward Enemy can be obtained by surviving in the Shooting Range. It can be accessed in Chapter 9, Dead on Arrival, in the USM Valor.

Front Toward Enemy Trophy Guide 1

Source: PowerPyx

Once you reach the Armory, go inside the Shooting Range.

Go to the console inside the Shooting Range and activate it to start the simulation.

Save up your ammo by not shooting at the targets and waiting for the enemy Necromorphs to appear.

Here, you will encounter enemies like Twitchers, Lurkers, Slashers, and Appendages. You can use any weapon you are comfortable with, and you can also use Stasis to slow the enemies.

Front Toward Enemy Trophy Guide 2

Source: PowerPyx

Once the enemies are dismembered, the Shooting Range will have a system failure error. After that, you will then be able to unlock the “Front Toward Enemy” trophy.

Obtain the loot from the defeated enemies, and don’t forget to open the five cabinets inside the Shooting Range.

We highly recommend trying to obtain this trophy in your first playthrough.

If you’re having difficulties, tone it down to either Medium or below. This way, you won’t have a hard time surviving inside the Shooting Range.

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