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How to Get Flask Location in Sons of the Forest




Where to Find Canteen Location in Sons of the Forest

The Canteen officially called a Flask in-game, is one of the most important tools in Sons of the Forest.

The Flask allows you to gather drinkable water from any water source, such as rivers and lakes. That means you won’t ever need to worry about thirst since you can have water anytime.

Read on and we’ll tell you exactly where to find your own Canteen or Flask in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find Canteen in Sons of the Forest

from 3D Printers
Source: Gamer Guides

The Canteen, from now on referred to as the Flask as it’s called in-game, is one of the many items obtained from 3D Printers.

3D Printers are found within some of the many Caves on Sons of the Forest’s island. Use your GPS Tracker and explore Caves and you should find one in no time.

Here is how to find the 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest.

When you’ve managed to find a 3D Printer, approach the PC screen next to it. Press the R key to rotate through available items until you see the Flask.

With the Flask on screen, press the E key to start the 3D printing process. If it doesn’t start, you may first need to add Printer Resin to the 3D Printer.

the 3D Printer
Source: Gamer Guides

The printer Resin is almost always found in the same room as the 3D Printer. Most 3D Printers in the game also have Printer Resin in them already.

Approach the 3D Printer and press the E key to add the resin.

Once you have printed the Flask, just approach it and grab it with the E key. You can now find it in your inventory. It’s suggested to place it on your Backpack for easy access!

printed the Flask
Source: Gamer Guides

You can now Equip the Flask from your inventory. With it in hand, approach any suitable water source to collect water. You can drink from it by pressing Right Click, as well.

Now you know everything you need about the Flask! You should now have no issues staying hydrated in the game, as you can carry water anywhere you go.

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