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How to Get Eagle Eye Bow in Immortals: Fenyx Rising

Add a powerful weapon to your arsenal with the Eagle Eye bow.

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How to Get Eagle Eye Bow in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals: Fenyx Rising is an action-adventure game that pits you against monsters of Greek mythology. Other than that, you will face many types of enemies on the map.

It is essential that you have a powerful weapon that will aid you in improving at the game in the hopes of beating Typhon, the deadliest god of the game.

This guide will help you unlock the Eagle Eye Bow.

How to Get Eagle Eye Bow

The Eagle Eye Bow can be located in the custom pin on the map. In the northern part of War’s den, there is a Guided Chest directly above the crossroads.  Remember to use the equipment you have at your disposal to get there efficiently, so utilize your mount and wings to go there.

How to Get Eagle Eye Bow


Once you arrive at the location on the map, the chest will be guarded by a relatively strong mob of Gorgons and a Chimera. Make sure you are in full health as it will be quite difficult to defeat them.

A good tip to avoid getting overwhelmed is to first defeat the gorgons and move on to the Chimera. This will allow you to avoid getting damaged by them and getting mobbed.

How to Get Eagle Eye Bow 1


Once you defeat these monsters, just open the chest and you will get the Eagle Eye Bow. Don’t forget to equip it in your inventory after.

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