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How to Get Dugbog Tongue (Location) – Hogwarts Legacy

Find out where to farm this specific Focus Potion ingredient.




How to Get Dugbog Tongue Location Hogwarts Legacy

Dugbog Tongues are one of three ingredients necessary to craft Focus Potions, one of the most useful potions, in the Room of Requirement.

However, Dugbog Tongues are more challenging to obtain than the other two ingredients. That’s because you won’t be able to buy them; instead, you’ll have to acquire them in the wild from a specific monster.

In this article, we will discuss where and how you can get them.

Where to Find the Dugbog

Where to Find the Dugbog

Source: Trophy Tom

You can obtain Dugbog Tongues from the Dugbog monsters which you can find in marshy locations such as the South Sea Bog.

However, they can be pretty challenging to obtain due to the risks involved.

Dugbogs are divided into two types: Great Spined Dugbog and Cottongrass Dugbog, both of which like to roam in groups. Unfortunately, there’s no getting around that.

You’ll need to fight these massive toads in order to stockpile their Dugbog Tongues, and the ideal spot to do so is in the location marked in the image above.

​​Most of them will be seen roaming throughout the marshy area, but some may remain concealed beneath the surface and in the bushes.

While you’re there, keep an eye out for Lacewing Flies in the shrubs around. This will provide you with two of the three ingredients you need to manufacture Focus Potions.

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