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How to Get Blizzard in a Bottle in Terraria 1.4.4

Aim for higher objectives by obtaining double jumps using the Blizzard in a Bottle.




In version 1.4.4 of the Terraria update, a new featured item was added. This item is called Blizzard in a Bottle. If you think about its characteristics, it is somewhat familiar and closely related to the Cloud in a Bottle.

Blizzard in a bottle is an item that you can find by exploring the Ice Biome. Obtaining this will allow your character to double jump. Unlike the Cloud in a bottle that produces a cloud trail. Blizzard in a bottle leaves a trail of snow

While exploring the Ice Biome, you can get this Blizzard in a Bottle from Frozen Crates and Boreal Crates.

With that, let us help you in finding this item through this guide!

Getting Blizzard in a Bottle in Terraria

Source: Udisen Games

The first thing that you have to do in finding this is to create a new world for the Blizzard in a Bottle.

Source: Udisen Games

All you have to do is to copy the seed to create the world. It would help if you also chose a small and the corruption for generating the world. But in terms of difficulty, you can choose anything you want.

Once you have entered the world, keep heading left until you see a cave in the Ice Biome.

Source: Udisen Games

Enter this cave and keep going as deep as you can until you arrive at the area where there is a rail or track system.

Source: Udisen Games

Somewhere around this rail system, you will see a big compartment that has water under it as well as the frozen chest.

Approach this chest and click it using the right mouse button to pick it up. And with that, you have already obtained the Blizzard in a bottle.

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