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How to Get Barely There Trophy in Forspoken

Learn how to get the Barely There trophy in Forspoken, one of the game’s 54 trophies.




How to Get Barely There Trophy in Forspoken

Barely There is a bronze trophy in Forspoken that tasks players with hiding for ten seconds.

Of course, the actual requirements for the trophy aren’t as simple as just hiding or running away from combat or anything like that.

Instead, this trophy requires Frey to use a specific spell to stay hidden for 10 seconds and she also needs to use it in combat.

Let’s find out which exact spell you need, how to obtain it, and what conditions you should meet to unlock the trophy.

How to Get the “Barely There” Trophy in Forspoken

How to Get the Barely There Trophy in Forspoken

The trophy’s official description is this: “hide for ten whole seconds—so long that people will forget you were there.”

As you can see, you’ll need to stay hidden for 10 whole seconds. The second part of the description also implies that others will have to forget you were even there.

This just means you have to use it in combat, ensuring that enemies forget about Frey.

This is a fairly simple trophy to get, as you only have to get the spell required for it. You won’t have to upgrade it or do anything extra to make the spell good enough.

That said, the spell can only be obtained fairly late into the game’s story.

How to Unlock the Necessary Spell

The spell you need here is Suppression, part of Ola’s Magic skill tree which is unlocked in Chapter 11. You can obtain it from the Juniper Fount in Avoalet as shown below.

How to Unlock the Necessary Spell

Simply head to the location shown and jump into the Juniper Fount to obtain the spell.

Now, what you want to do is to find a group of enemies. Kill all of them except for one, which you have to leave alive. Then use the Suppression spell and stand still.

Frey will turn invisible and the enemy will eventually lose track of her and leave.

How to Unlock the Necessary Spell 1

Make sure to stay invisible until the trophy pops, even if the enemy has already lost interest in tracking Frey. The trophy specifically asks for you to be invisible for 10 seconds, so just stay still until you see the notification.

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